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Re: How to remove desktop environments from the server

> roman.meier@gismap.ch schreef op wo 01-11-2017 om 15:16 [+0100]:
>> Hi folks,
>> To add desktop environments is well documented and works well e.g.
>> using
>> 'apt install education-desktop-lxde'.
>> However, how are they removed again?
>> You can run 'apt remove education-desktop-lxde' but this doesnâ??t
>> remove
>> lxde in my setup.
> education-desktop-lxde is a metapackage that pulls in various LXDE
> components and lightweight desktop applications upon installation.
> When you remove education-desktop-lxde, you just remove the metapackage
> and not the packages that have been pulled in by it.
> In order to remove those packages, you should run apt-get autoremove.
> This command removes all packages that have been installed to fulfil a
> dependency but upon which no package depends any longer.

Thanks Frans!

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