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Re: Configuration settings of wicd daemon when adding lxde desktop environment on server

Hi Roman,

roman.meier@gismap.ch schreef op wo 01-11-2017 om 12:16 [+0100]:
> Hi folks,
> When adding lxde manually to the server I’m getting a configuration
> box of
> wicd-daemon asking which users to add to the netdev group.
> Options are the following:
> -Administrator
> -mm (a teacher user I have added)
> -newstudent
> -newtacher
> -roman (first user)
> What options do I need to tick here?

Quoting https://wiki.debian.org/SystemGroups:
"netdev: Members of this group can manage network interfaces through
the network manager and wicd."

So normally no one has to be added.

> Kind regards,
> Roman

Frans Spiesschaert

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