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Re: Switching to another desktop environment when using remote desktop connection

> Hi Roman,
> roman.meier@gismap.ch schreef op wo 01-11-2017 om 12:42 [+0100]:
>> Hi folks,
>> Currently Iâ??m somehow stuck with lxde that I have recently added on
>> the
>> server.
>> Is there a way to switch to another desktop environment, e.g. Kde as
>> it
>> was before I installed lxde?
> Just install education-desktop-kde if it hasn't already been.
>> Is there something like a session selector available allowing the
>> user to
>> choose from any of the desktop environments installed on the server?
> Then just select your preferred desktop environment via the Preferences
> menu at the login screen.

Hi Frans,

Sorry for not making myself clearer. The issue at hand occurs when a user
connects to the server on windows using remote desktop connection.

Kind regards,

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