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Re: How to use remote desktop?

> As far as I can tell there's nothing to configure on the Debian Edu 
> server side, it works for me out of the box. Problems might be due to 
> the client side (e.g. screen resolution, keyboard). If connecting from 
> Windows clients Xvnc should be the correct choice.

I (the xrdp package maintainer) am not aware of any client issues i nthe
version currently in stable.

Xvnc is never the correct choice, it is deprecated, unsupported and
insecure. xorgxrdp supports all major modern protocol features, like
RemoteFX, and should be used by any means.

Xwrapper needs to be configured correctly. Whether it is necessary
lagely depends on how X is started on the system, which depends on
whether xserver-xorg-legacy is intalled, which depends on whether it's a
new stretch system, or upgraded jessie, or whatever…


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