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Problems installing debian-edu-8: automated install -> x-window crashes, manual install -> install not possible

Hi @ all.

I am facing some "strange" problems with the latest DebianEdu edition.

I am using an "old" Dell Workstation (T5500) where 
- debian-live-8.5.0-amd64-kde-desktop
- kubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64
- lmde-2-201503-cinnamon-64bit
were running before my DebianEdu installation attempts.
Upper operating systems were running stable on this machine.

-> DebianEdu automated installation process:

When walking through the graphical automatic installation process and select 
Main Server, Workstation and Thin Client Server as profiles, 
the installation runs through without any problem.

- After the login in KDE the machine does what it should.
- But after some minute X-window crashes and terminal F1 appears on the 
- when logging in and restart x again, KDE starts and again, after 
some minute x-window crashes, and I end up on F1 again.

In the log files I was just reading something about dBus...

-> DebianEdu manual expert installation process:

As I didn't like the partitions the automated installation made, I started a 
new installation and selected graphical manual install. Also with upper 
profiles. But it always failed, like mentioned here:


Before I start a new try of "manual expert installation process", I would like 
to know if you are interrested in the log-files (if yes, which ones) to see 
what causes the x-window crash after automated installation. Otherwise I just 
start and these log-files "are gone".



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