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Re: dutch translation and some upgrade questions

On 08/17/16 16:14, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 01:51:25PM +0200, Simon Oosthoek wrote:
I'm just getting my feet wet with Jessie and, though I'm not sure this is
new, I notice one of the default directories under my new homedir is

That is the correct dutch plural of Video, but it's just WRONG to have
single quotes in the filenames.
* I'd like to correct this for our own setup, where would I do this?
* In general, and if you agree of course, I would suggest this should be
fixed upstream as well, because the amount of problems this could cause is
unfathomable! (Fortunately, very few people use the Dutch translation ;-)

This isn't a Debian Edu issue. The translation is part of the package
xdg-user-dirs. So please file a bug against xdg-user-dirs.

Thanks, I will do that!

A rather hackish way to 'fix' it atm would be to adjust

About the upgrade question, we have a wheezy tjener with quite a few
modifications (though not always critical to the main function of it).

Would the main function, namely logins and homedirs, be ok if I restore the
backup of the old tjener's homedirs and load in a dump of the old gosa
ldap-system, or are there some gotcha's between wheezy and jessie's ldap?

I guess so; iirc the LDAP changes could be neglected.
See the Jessie manual upgrade chapter as well.




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