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dutch translation and some upgrade questions

Hi all

I'm just getting my feet wet with Jessie and, though I'm not sure this is new, I notice one of the default directories under my new homedir is "Video's"

That is the correct dutch plural of Video, but it's just WRONG to have single quotes in the filenames.
* I'd like to correct this for our own setup, where would I do this?
* In general, and if you agree of course, I would suggest this should be fixed upstream as well, because the amount of problems this could cause is unfathomable! (Fortunately, very few people use the Dutch translation ;-)

About the upgrade question, we have a wheezy tjener with quite a few modifications (though not always critical to the main function of it).

Would the main function, namely logins and homedirs, be ok if I restore the backup of the old tjener's homedirs and load in a dump of the old gosa ldap-system, or are there some gotcha's between wheezy and jessie's ldap?



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