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Re: Bug#719624: Upgrading xrdp

Hi Andreas,

On  Di 19 Apr 2016 12:00:39 CEST, Andreas Tille wrote:

Hi Dominik,

On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 11:49:38AM +0200, Dominik George wrote:
>>  * It only contains debian/ now.
>Do you have any reason for this?

Yes, because that's what Mike originally asked for, unless I got him wrong.

I do not see any good reason for this kind of advise.  Mike, could you
please confirm that you are against keeping the upstream source inside
the archive.  IMHO this is against a very common gbp workflow and in
this specific case I think its definitely needed.

Personally, I am not a great fan of gbp. It has caused me more trouble than served any good (and I really think that gbp is a great tool for Debian packaging, as I said, my personal workflow does not use it).

What I prefer doing (and this is personal style, really):

o Have a well-defined tarball (i.e. provided by upstream, Debian archive (snapshot.debian.org), pristine-tar)
  o Have a Git repo with debian/ folder only.

Then I do:

  o Obtain the tarball (get-orig-source, pristine-tar checkout, etc.)
  o then:

$ debuild -uc -us -S -Zxz (on the folder with the debian/ folder only in it)
      $ cd ..
      $ sbuild -sAd unstable <dsc-file>

That works perfectly for all of my packages (MATE desktop, GOsa).

I once dropped using gbp when I discovered that gbp does not support multi-tarball Debian packages (GOsa packaging is unhandable with gbp). This may have changed meanwhile, but I don't see that benefit of shipping upstream code in packaging repos. (Maybe I have looked to much at http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/cgit/rpms/, as well).

About the tarball download source: Once some upstream release has been uploaded to Debian with source format 3.0, I consider the upstream tarball being available in Debian (or on snapshots.debian.org). Personally, I don't see the extra gain of shipping the same code in Git. Again, very personal style and way of seeing things.




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