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Re: Creating new department under / in gosa

On Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 06:29:39PM +0530, uday bhatye wrote:
> 4. Created a template newNonTeaching with newnonteaching as primary group
> and nonteaching as group membership
> 5. Created new user using that template
> 6. The user log in correctly on tjener as well as workstations
> Problem is a new directory named %uid is getting created with
> newnonteaching:newnonteaching as ownership.

As far as I know, a template is sort of a special new user, so this 
directory is supposed to be created as the template's homedir. IMO it 
could be deleted. The existing templates newstudent and newteacher are
added in a somehow 'clean' way (not using GOsa²) during installation via 
ldif files, so this differs quite a bit.
> Also, what one should read apart from the manual to get more 
> understandings of the debian-edu setup

The package debian-edu-config ships a lot of configuration files and 
scripts (sometimes somehow documented inside); further configuration is 
done via cfengine. Also, some setup steps are integrated into the debian 
installer. So it'll be time consuming to understand how all these pieces 
make up the whole thing, I guess.


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