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Creating new department under / in gosa


We wanted to provide logins to all non teaching / office staff as a move to introduce Debian in the office.

1. In gosa - directory structure, I created new department as NonTeaching

2. Under groups, I created newnonteaching and nonteaching as a new groups

3. Under Users, moved to /NonTeaching

4. Created a template newNonTeaching with newnonteaching as primary group and nonteaching as group membership

5. Created new user using that template

6. The user log in correctly on tjener as well as workstations

Problem is a new directory named %uid is getting created with newnonteaching:newnonteaching as ownership.

May be I missed or don't know somethings.

Also, what one should read apart from the manual to get more understandings of the debian-edu setup

Thanking You



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