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Using Zanata for translations?

The proposal to use Zanata for translating Debian Edu related texts is
interesting, and I had a look at <URL: http://zanata.org/terms > to get
to know the terms.  There are some terms that seem problematic for use
with the debian-edu-* packages.

According to term 6c ii (Licenses Associated With Content on the
Website) all content submitted to the site must be "licensed under CC
BY-SA, is not copyrightable, or is in the public domain", while most
(all?) of the texts and documents used by Debian Edu are GPL licensed.
I suspect it require relisencing for debian-edu-doc and other packages
to be translated using Zanata.

According to term 3 (Changes to the Term), the terms of use can change
at any time and one have to agree to be bound by the Terms even if they
changed since you read them.  This is a carte blance for the operators
of the site, which seem like a bad idea.  Unilateral changes of the
terms is also a problem with Transifex, but at least they claim they
will send a notification when the terms change in a material way, to
warn its users.

There are other problematic terms too, but those were the most serious
one.  For example term 8 state that one might loose access to the
service at any time and with no right to complain, and term 6b claim one
can not _use_ the Red Hat trademarks without prior written consent of
Red Hat, which seem quite stupid to ask for and equally stupid to
accept, given that it is supposed to be perfectly fine to use a
trademark as long as do not refer to something other than the content of
the registered trademark.

But anyway, did anyone test the site?  Is it easy for newcomers?  Are
there command line tools around to upload and fetch po and pot files?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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