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Re: Squid proxy thoughts

On Wed, May 06, 2015 at 12:35:40PM +0200, Helge Tore Høyland wrote:
> Thx for reply.
> For us, due to function, i need to use Firefox or Chromium as
> browser(due to poor programming on several servers, not accepting
> iceweasel). Iceweasel has to be uninstalled to get firefox to work
> properly, sadly. So that is not an option for me.
> Preferably i would like my proxy to work at transparant mode. That
> way you can force all clients trafic through the proxy, without
> users knowing it. That would fix the trouble the different browsers
> has on how to configure automatic proxy setup with wpad files. For
> that to work, the proxy needs to be on the gateway.
> For my schools, this is a break or make issue. As of now, its way to
> mutch hassle to do exams. And they tend to resort to use standalone
> machines, with the extra hassle of administration that makes.
> Helge Tore Høyland
> Den 06.05.2015 12:00, Giorgio Pioda skreiv:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I usually switch off squid during examinations and netgroup block.
> >
> >Iceweasel still operates through direct internet connection.
> >Chromium is fully blocked.

I didn't explain it clearly, I'm really sorry.

For these machines that are outside the netblock group Iceweasel
still works if squid is switched off...

For the machines in the netblock group the internet connection is
completely closed, of course.

My main problem is to avoid a complete switch off of
the whole network (as for example the administrative PC's) during exams.

Best regards

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