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Re: Squid proxy thoughts


I usually switch off squid during examinations and netgroup block.

Iceweasel still operates through direct internet connection.
Chromium is fully blocked.

I admit that this is a "cheap" solution; a better one would be
to discriminate the squid incoming request throug the netblock
group, but I never tried to implement it



On Wed, May 06, 2015 at 11:33:49AM +0200, Helge Tore Høyland wrote:
> Hi.
> I have some questions to the use of proxy on the tjener. Atm
> Skolelinux 7, the use of netgroups to block access to internet is
> not working. The need to be able to lock sertain clients away from
> normal internet access, and maybe still be able to access some
> central exam autority site, is ugent.
> I have tried to set up my firewall, pfSense, to do the job, but
> since the automatic proxysetup in skolelinux is set to use the squid
> install on tjener as proxy, i cant make it work. All trafic that my
> pfSense sees is the trafic from tjener (
> I have asked in the irc channel on this, and got the answeer to use
> wpad-file to stear clients to my pfSense box as proxy rather than
> tjener. Ive tried to set this up on tjener and on the ltsp
> equivalent to no use. All clients are still locked to tjener as
> proxy.
> I have 2 senarios/sugestions that is valid.
>     1. Get in place a decent way to administrate the proxy setup,
> blacklist, and so on, on tjener. (preferably through gosa)
>     2. Remove the use/need of proxy on tjener and let a dedicated
> firewall do the job.
> I would prefear the first alternative, but the second holds some
> advantages too. The 2nd will ease the load on tjener quite a bit.
> pfSense, for one, has a very nice way to do this, and can be
> integradet to tjener's ldap for easier administration.
> Kindly Regards
> Helge Tore Høyland
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