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Bug#781515: debian-edu-install: PXE install including profile 'Thin-Client-Server' fails due to wrong preseeding

Package: debian-edu-install
Version: 1.819
Severity: important


while testing PXE installs I noticed a problem with conflicting mirror 
preseeding informations for ltsp-client-builder build client options.


# Tell LTSP to not use the CDROM, but a HTTP mirror
d-i ltsp-client-builder/use_cdrom boolean false
d-i ltsp-client-builder/build-client-opts string --mirror http://http.debian.net/debian --dist jessie

This is (almost) the wanted preseeding ('--eatmydata' should be added).

But it seems to be overridden by those from defaults.thin-client-server.

# Speed up the LTSP chroot build by adding --eatmydata to the default
# set of arguments.
d-i ltsp-client-builder/build-client-opts string --eatmydata --mirror file:///media/cdrom --security-mirror none --updates-mirror none --accept-unsigned-packages

This wrong preseding makes the installation fail cause a CD install is assumed.


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