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Re: debian-edu-doc 1.6~20141224~8.0+edu0~alpha1: Please update debconf PO translation for the package debian-edu-doc

Hi Frans,

On Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014, Frans Spiesschaert wrote:
> Enclosed you may find the updated translation of the
> audacity manual.

thank you, commited to git.
> I noticed that your message didn't made it to the debian-
> edu nor to the debian-l10n-dutch mailing list (attachment
> to big?).

Oh, well, I guess thats why, yes.

> I also stumbled upon a typo in string $88 of the English
> template:
> s/some files from from Git/some files from Git/
> would remove it.

Thanks. I will fix this in the wiki - you could have done this too :)

Of course this will also trigger translation updates again...


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