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Re: autofs: mounts may fail with 'Too many levels of symbolic links' when using cgmanager

On 12/21/2014 05:02 PM, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> This is an incorrect assumtion.  I do not prefer sysvinit over systemd.
> In fact, I do not really care much. :)

Alright, good to know.

> Also, Debian Edu do not adjust the default boot system in Jessie, and
> whatever is installed is installed by the default depends/recommends
> settings.  So if autofs fail in Debian Edu, I expect it will fail also
> outside Debian Edu using the default setup in Debian Jessie.

Ok, I thought Debian Edu was special in that regard. Then I honestly
to expect any problems with autofs to arise in Debian Edu.

According to my observations at our department - being a heavy autofs
user - the problem does only occur when not using the default
installation which involves not using systemd and an alternative
init system plus cgmanager.

Then we'll leave it to the maintainers and users of alternative
init systems to take care of this particular problem. Moreover,
they should take care of fixing the bug in cgmanager.


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