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Re: autofs: mounts may fail with 'Too many levels of symbolic links' when using cgmanager

Hello Petter!

> Note, autofs is an important part of the Debian Edu infrastructure,
> used to mount home directories and shared directories on the clients
> of the Debian Edu main server.  It is important to us that the autofs
> package stay in Jessie. :)

Since the bug seems only to affect systems using cgmanager instead of
systemd for the CGroup management and assuming - since you are one of
the maintainers of the sysvinit package - you are preferring sysvinit
over systemd, I highly suggest that you extensively test autofs
on a system with sysvinit and cgmanager and possibly re-assign the
bug from the autofs to the cgmanager package.

My suspicion is that this is actually bug in cgmanager and not autofs
and will affect all systems that are using autofs with alternative init

I haven't seen the bug ever since I purged the cgmanager package as I
am running systemd-only installations anyway. cgmanager was installed
on these systems during a dist-upgrade but isn't actually required at
all since systemd does CGroup management on its own.

You might risk autofs not working on installations not using systemd.


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