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Re: autofs: mounts may fail with 'Too many levels of symbolic links' when using cgmanager

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Hi Holger!

On 12/21/2014 02:33 PM, Holger Levsen wrote:
> I think you assumption might be flawed, as this we hit this bug in
> Debian Edu which (in jessie) uses systemd, so no cgmanager, afaik.
> But then I dont have access to an Debian Edu system to confirm,
> thus asking the Debian Edu mailinglist before mailing
> 767468@bugs.debian.org

Hmm, are you absolutely sure you see this bug when cgmanager is _not_
installed? I am close to 100% sure the bug is caused by cgmanager
because autofs immediately and reproducibly started working again
when I killed the cgmanager process.

And searching the /proc filesystem with open files to the particular
autofs mount, it was actually cgmanager which had a file on the path.

This is actually how I tracked down the bug, I search /proc for which
process was accessing the automount. And the moment I killed cgmanager,
the error message about too many symbolic link went away and autofs
immediately started working again.

After that, I purged cgmanager and autofs never ran into the same
problem. We're a pretty heavy user of autofs in our physics department
and we would see the problem on an almost daily basis with cgmanager
installed and not at all after cgmanager was removed.

In case you are seeing the bug again, please search /proc and check
which process keeps a file handle open on any of the autofs-mounted
paths and check which these are and then please report back to
the original bug report.

Again, I am nearly 100% sure it's a bug in cgmanager.

> (I also _don't_ think that we _don't_ upgrade to systemd on
> wheezy2jessie upgrades (IOW: I believe we also switch to systemd on
> upgrades), so I don't think this cgmanager is installed here.)

That wasn't exactly my point. I just assumed that Petter would prefer
sysvinit over systemd and I just recommended him seeing if he can
reproduce the bug with autofs and cgmanager+sysvinit but without
systemd in case debian-edu is using sysvinit by default.

> As said: I'm assuming things here. Facts welcome!

As I said: I haven't seen the issue ever since I purged cgmanager
and we're a pretty heavy autofs user. Plus my analysis above.


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