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Re: autofs: mounts may fail with 'Too many levels of symbolic links' when using cgmanager


(removed the bug for now from cc:, please add 767468@bugs.debian.org back if 

On Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> > Note, autofs is an important part of the Debian Edu infrastructure,
> > used to mount home directories and shared directories on the clients
> > of the Debian Edu main server.  It is important to us that the autofs
> > package stay in Jessie. :)
> Since the bug seems only to affect systems using cgmanager instead of
> systemd for the CGroup management and assuming - since you are one of
> the maintainers of the sysvinit package - you are preferring sysvinit
> over systemd, 

I think you assumption might be flawed, as this we hit this bug in Debian Edu 
which (in jessie) uses systemd, so no cgmanager, afaik. But then I dont have 
access to an Debian Edu system to confirm, thus asking the Debian Edu 
mailinglist before mailing 767468@bugs.debian.org 

(I also _don't_ think that we _don't_ upgrade to systemd on wheezy2jessie 
upgrades (IOW: I believe we also switch to systemd on upgrades), so I don't 
think this cgmanager is installed here.)

As said: I'm assuming things here. Facts welcome!


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