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Re: Installing clients via PXE

[Bernd Zeitzen]
> Hi Petter.


> Yes, it is. Changing the value kde to lxde is done, but after
> running debian-edu-pxeinstall there is kde in the file again. So I
> made the change once again without running the script. What am I
> doing wrong here?

The script fetches the value tasksel/desktop from debconf, so you need
to run the debconf-set-selections first.

> Next step is to boot the notebook using the networkbootption. In the
> bootscreen I only see kde to install, :-( but I give it a
> try. Finishing the installation and booting from hd there is a great
> surprise: the notebook is installed with LXDE as the
> desktopenvironment.

You probably only changed the desktop= value, not the menu text. :)

> I'm not very familiar with these commands. I have done it, but I can't see any effect.

Did you do it before or after running debian-edu-pxeinstall?  It need
to run before.

> This file (/etc/debian-edu/www/debian-edu-install.dat.local) doesn't
> exist. Do I have to create it?

Yes.  By default there is no overrides present, and thus no file. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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