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Re: fsautoresize issue

[Giorgio Pioda]
> Hi,
> right today a workstation hanged after automatic
> dist-upgrade (managed by unattended upgrades).
> Investigating I found that the root partition was full.
> The strange fact is that the WS is in the fsautoresize
> netgroup. So I'm wondering about the first line of
> the /usr/share/debian-edu-config/fsautoresizetab config; is it so
> that every partition is enlarged after reaching 90%?


There is a bug in fsautoresize in wheezy, causing it to not do
anything.  In Wheezy, we switched to ext4, while forgetting to update
fsautoresizetab to handle ext4 like ext3.  So fsautoresizetab do not
know how to resize ext4 file systems and do nothing in Wheezy.

See <URL: https://bugs.debian.org/742131 > for the bug and the fix.
It has not yet been rolled into an upload.  Sound to me like the
severity should be upgraded.  Can you submit your use case into that
bug report, to make it obvious to everyone reading the bug report what
kind of problems the bug causes?

> And, second question, what is the "defaults" option in the
> fsautoresizetab in the third column?

The current default is to increase the partition size by 10%.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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