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Re: Today's experiences installing skolelinux at a school

Hi Franklin,

On  Mo 31 Mär 2014 11:46:10 CEST, Franklin Weng wrote:

Hi Mike and Petter,

2014-03-31 4:25 GMT+08:00 Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de>:
On the server (TJENER) it is /etc/exports (of course).

For the clients, you have to dive into the LDAP DIT (use ldapvi for it and
set env var VISUAL=<editor-of-my-choice>).

The command line for me is

VISUAL=mcedit ldapvi --discover -D

The original bootstrapping of those LDAP objects responsible for AutoFS
mounts is derived from these files [1]. Search for the corresponding entries
in your LDAP data.


BTW, I just realized that the client home directory was mounted as
sshfs instead of NFSv4.  So it seemed useless to put an async flag in
/etc/exports for /srv/nfs4/home0.

I couldn't find any mount settings in /etc.  Could you please tell me
where those settings are?  And any way to improve the performance of
sshfs?  Or, any way to let me use NFS back instead of sshfs?

Are you sure???(!!!!)????

This should not happen. Of course, sshfs is far too slow for that...

/me is confused...



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