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Re: Git migration of debian-edu-archive-keyring

Hi Holger.

On  Mi 26 Mär 2014 20:22:22 CET, Holger Levsen wrote:

BAH. Are you trying to annoy me? lecture me? Have you forgotten since when I'm
involved in Debian Edu? WTF. I know all this _and_ I have been the only
uploader between 2007 and 2013. So does Doacrazy mean uncoordinated taking
away things from people who did the work before? Cause thats what Mike did
when he uploaded without contacting me, so....

(a) the package is team-maintained. Put your name down in the Maintainer: field of the d-e-a-k package and I won't touch it again. However, having a debian-edu-* package as a non-team-maintained package in the Debian (Edu) archive is most suboptimal. So, actually, please don't put your name into the Maintainer: field. However, feel free to remove me from Uploaders: again if you think that is needed.

(b) I did try to get hold of you and you were really hard to reach (without VAC announcement neither on the D-E mailing list nor on the DD private ML).

cheers,  (I'm happy I can...)

/me again is worried about tone and content in the post I am replying to herewith...



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