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Re: upgrade to 7.1 and migrating users

Hi there,
I am the person Ralf wrote abaout.
As he wrote we had problems upgrading Debian Edu from 6 to 7. We followed the instructions in the
manual and there was described in chapter 12.2.2 that we have to create a new user database. Is
there a description how to do it step for step.
Thanks for all your answers.

Am 05.03.14 22:13 schrieb Ralf GESELLENSETTER:
> Dear Petter,
> thank you for sharing your script. A colleague from a school nearby
> failed to upgrade from Debian Edu 6 to version 7; I hope that
> your script can assist them to migrate there users. Another
> issue seems to be that users cannot access their homes from
> clients.
> I will point my colleague to IRC and to our mailing list.
> BTW: Are there any dependencies, or is it just enough to
> get the script from
> http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.skolelinux.cvs/119927
> ... well, I couldn't find any working web frontend to d/l
> your script from CVS (? - SVN? GIT?). Sorry if I am not
> up to date in this belonging. Maybe I used the wrong search engine?
> Thank you
> Regards
> Ralf
> Am 06.01.2014 22:34, schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
>> I finally had time to look at migrating LDAP from squeeze to wheezy
>> again, and discovered a few problems with my initial approach.  The
>> script ldap-migrate-squeeze-wheezy in is now updated to handle more LDAP
>> object types (user, filegroups, netgroups, sudo roles, hosts), and also
>> include a recipe to get the kerberos part of the users migrated betewen
>> servers.
> ...
>> The script isn't well tested, but my initial testing tell me it should
>> work.  I hope it will work for you too. :)

Bernd Zeitzen

Gymnasium Harsewinkel
Dechant-Budde-Weg 6
33428 Harsewinkel

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