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Re: Q: Small system for Mini ITX as stand-allone surfstation

Hi Ralf,
I have one of those in my house. It runs headless connected to my amp
for streaming music. It does indeed have a 486 kernel.

On 15 January 2014 05:03, Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> wrote:
> Quoting Ralf Gesellensetter (2014-01-14 20:50:21)
>> currently, I try to recycle some (approx. 10 years) old thin clients
>> (Epia Mini-itx) as stand allone surf stations.
>> Trying to boot any recent kernel makes the system hang; my research
>> gave hints that the current kernel misses some firmware to support
>> this chipset, or needs some CPU standard that the lacks the VIA
>> processors.
> None of the EPIA boards (that I am aware of, and I have used quite a
> few) require firmware to boot (some may benefit from firmware to improve
> ethernet, but that's a different story).
> More likely you need the 486 kernel instead of the 686 kernel installed
> by default nowadays.  Try that if you haven't already.
> If that is not the problem, then it might help if you share which
> particular EPIA board you are messing with.
>  - Jonas
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