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Re: Q: Small system for Mini ITX as stand-allone surfstation

Quoting Ralf Gesellensetter (2014-01-14 20:50:21)
> currently, I try to recycle some (approx. 10 years) old thin clients 
> (Epia Mini-itx) as stand allone surf stations.
> Trying to boot any recent kernel makes the system hang; my research 
> gave hints that the current kernel misses some firmware to support 
> this chipset, or needs some CPU standard that the lacks the VIA 
> processors.

None of the EPIA boards (that I am aware of, and I have used quite a 
few) require firmware to boot (some may benefit from firmware to improve 
ethernet, but that's a different story).

More likely you need the 486 kernel instead of the 686 kernel installed 
by default nowadays.  Try that if you haven't already.

If that is not the problem, then it might help if you share which 
particular EPIA board you are messing with.

 - Jonas

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