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Re: Status of our wheezy release


On Sonntag, 15. September 2013, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Note that I use Debian Edu Wheezy roaming workstation on my new Lenovo
> laptop, and it work just fine also on network without wpat.dat
> information.  So this is not a problem any more.

Great! Can you please update the status page?!
> > So in my opinion we are ready to release,
> I agreee.


> Yeah.  Shall we say release in two weeks?

The next weekend or the on in three weeks suites me better. 
> Nope, Everything seem to work a lot better than the Squeeze version,
> and good enough for me to use it every day. :)

> > P.S.: I'd be fine with releasing next weekend even, beta2 is not
> > much different than beta1 and if beta2 is good, the changes to d-e-i
> > and d-e-d are trivial.
> Nah, lets do beta2, to get the extra publicity.

I never intended not to. I'd say release beta2 tomorrow, (wait for test 
feedback the whole week and stop the final release if a blocker is found), 
update the wiki on monday, call for manual translations til wednesday, write 
final announcement on tuesday and wednesday, call for announcement 
translations til saturday, do final uploads on thursday, test the images on 
friday and saturday, release on sunday.
> Who are up to writing the release announcement?

I surely can help, not sure I can drive this... I could try.


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