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Re: Status of our wheezy release


On Samstag, 14. September 2013, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> The Iceweasel issue is fixed; KDE is fixed exept for standalone and
> roaming workstations used in other networks with proxy required but no
> wpad.dat information found (at least needs testing). Wiki updated

thanks for the update, Wolfgang!

So in my opinion we are ready to release, so I'd suggest we release beta2 
tomorrow and then come up with a timeline for the final release, ie prepare 
the manual with the final changes, call for translation updates, update d-e-
install & d-e-doc, test the source image and the binaries ones and call it a 
Debian Edu Wheezy release.

Or does someone see a reason not to?


P.S.: I'd be fine with releasing next weekend even, beta2 is not much 
different than beta1 and if beta2 is good, the changes to d-e-i and d-e-d are 

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