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Re: Status of our wheezy release

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> The Iceweasel issue is fixed; KDE is fixed exept for standalone and
> roaming workstations used in other networks with proxy required but
> no wpad.dat information found (at least needs testing). Wiki updated

Note that I use Debian Edu Wheezy roaming workstation on my new Lenovo
laptop, and it work just fine also on network without wpat.dat
information.  So this is not a problem any more.

[Holger Levsen]
> So in my opinion we are ready to release,

I agreee.

> so I'd suggest we release beta2 tomorrow and then come up with a
> timeline for the final release, ie prepare the manual with the final
> changes, call for translation updates, update d-e- install &
> d-e-doc, test the source image and the binaries ones and call it a
> Debian Edu Wheezy release.

Yeah.  Shall we say release in two weeks?

> Or does someone see a reason not to?

Nope, Everything seem to work a lot better than the Squeeze version,
and good enough for me to use it every day. :)

> P.S.: I'd be fine with releasing next weekend even, beta2 is not
> much different than beta1 and if beta2 is good, the changes to d-e-i
> and d-e-d are trivial.

Nah, lets do beta2, to get the extra publicity.

Who are up to writing the release announcement?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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