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Re: Problem with NTP setup in LTSP?

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> IIRC, it was the default config (connect to internet ntp servers), which 
> didn't work out as tjener wasn't connected to the internet when testing 
> the setup.

Aha.  Perhaps it is the long standing bug in NTP, where it mess up when
DNS do not resolve the servers listed in ntp.conf?

> krb5.conf was even stranger: all Debian Edu relevant vars were set to
> 'reached'. I have no idea about the reason. The file was created by
> sssd-create-config.

Sound like DNS lookups gone bad.  Will most likely only happen when
installing completely without Internet connectivity.  Will try to find
time to test this myself to see if I can reproduce it.

> I noticed all this as it wasn't possible to get a TGT.

Right.  The broken krb5.conf file should make that impossible, yeah.
Missing NTP should not have that effect, at least not on the main

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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