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Re: Include a backport of the Geode X driver in Debian Edu Wheezy? (Was: Second beta release (beta 1) of Debian Edu/Skolelinux based on Debian Wheezy)

2013/8/24 Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org>
Hi Martin-Eric,

is the fixed driver in sid? debian wheezy backports? Also, if its really
unusable in wheezy, the SRM will be happy to take a non invasive fix.

Hey Holger,

The driver was already fixed when the Wheezy freeze started. It simply never was granted a freeze exception.

Given this, what's in Testing could easily be backported as-is.

What's in Stable is usable, but rendering will fail in specific circumstances. Producing a cherry-picked SRM fix would be somewhat involved since a major whitespace cleanup was made just before the package was released upstream.


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