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Bug#720199: Fwd: Re: Bug#720199 section: metapackage for debian-edu packages (Re: Bug#719951: general: Autoremove Wants to remove Entire system)

Hi Andreas,

On Mittwoch, 21. August 2013, Andreas Tille wrote:
> that's an interesting issue you are reporting here.  IMHO it should be
> rather filed against blends-dev.  IMHO we should create
>    Section: metapackages
> except if some other section is specified inside the tasks file. 

Sounds good. (However this wont help us for wheezy...)

> May
> be it is even better to force "Section: metapackages" in any case and
> override any "Section" setting inside a task.  What do you think?

I've no opinion on this and no capacity to think about it now :)


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