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Re: Is rosegarden / qsynt / qjackctl working with Debian Edu Wheezy?

[Mike Gabriel]
> I took a deeper look and installed all those components onto my
> notebook (Debian wheezy).
> pulseaudio-module-jack is for piping pulseaudio data (client) into
> the jack server.
> On the first spot I could not find a jack driver that pipes jack
> audio data into pulseaudio. So, that part probably was non-sense.
> Using jack as client and PA as server is nonsense anyone, as Jack is
> much more realtime competent.

I tried to install pulseaudio-module-jack on my test laptop, and
discovered that it made flash in the browser stop after a few seconds
of playing videos.  Removing pulseaudio-module-jack and restarting my
pulseaudio daemon solved the problem.  This make me conclude that we
should not install it by default.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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