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Re: Bug#718813: KDE "migrates" something on the first login of a freshly created user

On Mon, Aug 05, 2013 at 09:43:21PM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Package:  kdepim-runtime
> Version:  4:
> User:     debian-edu@lists.debian.org
> UserTags: debian-edu
> When logging in with a freshly created user on a freshly installed
> machine, installed using the Debian Edu Roaming Workstation profile
> based on the current Debian testing (Jessie), a popup show up at the end of the login process with
> this content:
>   KResource Migration Tool
>   [i] Trying to migrate 'Default Address Book'...
>    V  Migration of 'Default Address Book' succeeded.
>   [Close]
> The same happen with Debian Edu based on Wheezy/stable.  As there is no
> address book KDE setup in the user home directory when the user log in
> for the first time, I expect there to be nothing to migrate, and thus
> expect there to be no popup about some strange migration.
> I tried to run 'ps -ef|grep mig' when the popup was shown, and after I
> had closed it, and discovered that the process 'kres-migration
> --interactive-on-change --type contact --omit-client-bridge' was running
> when the popup was showing and no longer running when the popup was
> gone.  I thus suspect it was responsible for the popup and assign this
> bug to the kdepim-runtime package.  I might be mistaken.  Please
> reassign if some other package is the cause.
> The user home directory created on a roaming workstation is fairly
> standard, with these files present:
>   .local/share/user-places.xbel
>   .profile
>   .bash_logout
>   .bashrc
>   .gtk-bookmarks
> The user-places.xbel and .gtk-bookmarks files are created when the user
> is created with a CIFS mount pointer to the central home directory.
> Perhaps one of them is involved in this issue?
I suspect the package freemind to cause triggering the migration.

IIRC, freemind creates /etc/kde3 and ships something below.
So the existence of /etc/kde3 might be the reason.


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