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Re: Edu wheezy release in (or before) August or September or...?!!?

[Holger Levsen]
> Hi,
> for the first beta I'd like to upload today / within the next 2h
> d-e-install, d-e-config and d-e-artwork as they are in svn
> now. Then, move those packages from wheezy-test to wheezy tomorrow,
> assuming someone has tested the wheezy- test isos. And then release
> our first beta release on Tuesday.

I am now testing installations to see if the partitions need to be
extended, and this might affect d-e-install, so I would hold off that
upload until I've done a few more of these installations.

> btw, shall we really abbreviate beta 1 as "b0"? As much as I like
> starting to count with 0, it is confusing in press releases etc...

I believe we should call it beta 0 (and not beta 1), and abbreviate it
b0. :)

> btw2, source images are ready to be included in the beta release as
> well?

Nah, it is just wasting disk space on the FTP server.  All the source
is currently available for download, and we really only need the
source DVD to store the source in the long run, ie for the proper

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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