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Edu wheezy release in (or before) August or September or...?!!?


so let's release in (or before) August or September (2013!) - or what's 
holding us up?

http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Wheezy lists as "Blockers for a 

1.) "LTSP diskless workstation login using ldm (with sshfs) end up without 
kerberos tickets, and krb5-auth-dialog crash when trying to get one (part of 
714825, only the crash problem is fixed in unstable). Might partly be fixable 
by making our own krb5.conf."

Pere, what's the status of this? Should/is this (be) fixed in wheezy-test 

2.) "we need to decide: do we want to release an i386 binary DVD and 
amd64/i386 usbstick image plus the i386 netinst CD?"

IMO yes we should release these four (incl source) images. Any reason not to 
document this in the manual now?

http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Wheezy also lists some other known 
problems, but IMO nothing which should hold us off doing a release. Read that 
(whole page) for yourself :-)

As I asked on irc:

<h01ger> are we ready for beta1 now?
<h01ger> and shall we do betaX from wheezy-test, while rcX will be done from 
(our) wheezy?

If the first blocker is fixed (in wheezy-test) by now, I don't see anything 
preventing us calling the current wheezy-test images "beta1" - well, maybe 
except for a debian-edu-install upload for doing this technically :)


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