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Re: Edu wheezy release in (or before) August or September or...?!!?


for the first beta I'd like to upload today / within the next 2h d-e-install, 
d-e-config and d-e-artwork as they are in svn now. Then, move those packages 
from wheezy-test to wheezy tomorrow, assuming someone has tested the wheezy-
test isos. And then release our first beta release on Tuesday.

btw, shall we really abbreviate beta 1 as "b0"? As much as I like starting to 
count with 0, it is confusing in press releases etc...

btw2, source images are ready to be included in the beta release as well?

On Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013, David Prévot wrote:
> > so let's release in (or before) August or September (2013!)
> Yay, good plan! I’d like to restore the workflow we put in place for the
> Squeeze release to synchronize the translations from the wiki (assuming
> a beta/rc every two weeks):

formalizing the workflow a bit seems like a very good idea to me! Thanks for 
bringing this up.
> D -14
>      Documentation update in the wiki

I dont see how this is relevant and I also think a week long/short workflow is 

> D -7
>      Freeze the wiki ~1 week before a beta and call for translations
>      with a ~5 days deadline (only typo fixes that can be trivially
>      unfuzzy in the wiki)
> D -2
>      pile up the last minute changes in the wiki (e.g. URL changes that
>      can be trivially unfuzzy)
> D -1
>      upload debian-edu-doc at least one day before the release.
> Does that sound reasonable? Can we have a one week in advance notice of
> the upcoming release?

sounds reasonable to me.

> I’ll not be too much available this summer (at least three of us are
> currently usually updating the Git repository, so that’s not an issue),
> but can try and make myself available in time for the last two steps of
> the process if I’m aware in advance of the dates, though I’ll be less
> likely to provide day to day help for other issues.

If needed, I can also handle the uploads, though I have to admit I'm not that 
good at unfuzzy trivial strings...


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