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Re: wheezy localtime - timezone problem - Finnish translations

> If the sys-admin requires "one system language" and the system is
> located in a timezone where they speak "a different language" - then
> such "unusual" combination is required.

I tested, and believe I know what happened.  The test suite check have
an underlying assumption that break in your case.  It assume that we can
map from locale to time zone setting.  Your selections end up with
de_DE.UTF-8, which we map to the time zone "posix/Europe/Berlin"?

Not quite sure how to fix this.  Perhaps we should just remove the time
zone check?  Or just ignore the problem for "unusual" combinations?

> I am not native Finnish speaking and I do rather not spread my
> mistakes ;)

Right.  If you find a native speaker, please remember that our Finnish
translation is out of date.  It probably take 10-15 minutes to fix it
for a native speaker. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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