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Re: wheezy localtime - timezone problem

Hello Petter

and thank you for your respond and welcome.

> I suspect this is due to a bug in the test suite, but might be mistaken.
> Which language and country did you select during installation?

I selected "Finland" as destination (timezone) and other settings 
(language/keybord environment) "Germany/German".
I made a clean install with the latest release (7.1) now and got this message 
after first login: 

error: ./doc: Release manual have 14 FIXMEs. Please fix at 
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Wheezy ., error: ./timezone: 
/etc/localtime is not equal to (posix/Europe/Berlin), /etc/timezone is 

Consider reporting them to the Debian Edu developers.

> You could run tzselect as root, I guess.  But before you do it, check if
> the timezone really is wrong.

The timezone is correct, as we are located in "Finland/Helsinki" 
Where did tjener take the information "posix/Europe/Berlin"? I am not aware to 
enter such setting during install. How do I change that to "Finland/Helsinki"?

> Very good to hear we have users in Finland too.  Please keep us up to
> date with your testing. :)

Here we continue ;)
Sunny greetings


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