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Re: Use the same display manager for all desktop options?

[Petter Reinholdtsen 2013-06-08]
> I am not sure how to fix this in a sensible way, so I reverted the
> change to use gdm3 all over and set KDE to use kdm, Gnome to use
> gdm3 and LXDE and Xfce to use lightdm as we did before.  Quite a lot
> of packages need to have their dependencies and recommends changed
> before we can try again to consolidate.

I just discovered a problem with lightdm+xfce (probably also affect
lightdm+lxde).  Logged in users are not registered in utmp, and thus
do not show up in 'who', and the killer package assume the processes
of the logged in user are left behind from some not logged in user and
throw out the user every hour.

I believe kdm get it right.  Not sure about gdm3.

Dropping the killer package will cause lots of left behind processes
to slowly cause the clients to become slower and slower, and thus do
not seem like a great alternative either.  But making it impossible to
work for more than an hour is a killer.  Any ideas?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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