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Re: Use the same display manager for all desktop options?

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> Xfce: kdm will use about 36 MiB more disk space compared to lightdm,
> gdm3 about 60 MiB. So yes, kdm would definitly be an option.  LXDE:
> Don't remember exactly, but disk usage would be similar, I guess.

I also discovered that installing with desktop=kde will pull in gdm3
and kdm, and set kdm as the default display manager (because
kde-standard pull in kdm).

I am not sure how to fix this in a sensible way, so I reverted the
change to use gdm3 all over and set KDE to use kdm, Gnome to use gdm3
and LXDE and Xfce to use lightdm as we did before.  Quite a lot of
packages need to have their dependencies and recommends changed before
we can try again to consolidate.

I've also added gdm3 background support in debian-edu-artwork, so we
should get our artwork for kdm and gdm3 now.  Someone should fix
lightdm too.  The prefered image would be SVG, but I used a large PNG
for now.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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