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Re: Use the same display manager for all desktop options?

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> OK.  Unless someone come up with a good argument, I'll switch to gdm3
> later today or tomorrow.
> I hope gdm3 is translated to all the languages we care about.  I
> suspect so, given how long ago we it is had the problem with missing
> translations. :)

With Holgers upload of debian-edu yesterday, the kdm->gdm3 switch took
effect, and exposed a seriuos problem.

gdm3 depend on gnome-session-bin, and this cause enough of gnome to be
installed to set the default desktop to gnome (using the
x-session-manager alternative).  So when logging in for the first time
in the default setup (installed using desktop-kde), one end up with a
"simplified" gnome desktop with all our educational packages.

We can fix it by running update-alternatives at the end of the
installation, but pulling in gnome also fill up /usr/ a bit.  Not sure
how much it is, but suspect 100-200 MiB.

Something like this called from cfengine for KDE and Gnome desktops
would solve the desktop selection part:

  update-alternatives --set x-session-manager /usr/bin/startkde
  update-alternatives --set x-session-manager /usr/bin/startlxde

But we would still fill up the disk without wanting the software.
Should we revert to kdm for KDE (and perhaps use kdm for LXDE and Xfce

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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