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Re: NFS mount failing

[Sebastian Holl]
> No we tried PXE-Installation as well as DVD-Installation in this
> environment.


> Now we did this installation, it took quite a while. We could not log in  
> to the wheezy-workstation (other PC). When we try to use:
> /etc/init.d/fetch-ldap-cert start
> we get:
> dnsdomainname: Name or service not known

That mean the DNS setup is broken, as in not the correct setup for
/etc/hostname or /etc/resolv.conf.  What is the content of these
files?  This in turn suggest that there is something strange with the
DHCP setup.  Is the host listed in DNS (as in added in Gosa)?  What is
the output from 'host <ip-of-workstation>'?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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