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Re: What hint should we give regarding missing kerberos ticke

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> IIRC, this client is only useful if you already have a Kerberos TGT.


> Yes, but you get the TGT on the LTSP server, not on the
> workstation. So one has to find a way to forward that ticket to the
> diskless workstation.

What you say seem relevant for thin clients, and not diskless
workstations.  Are you saying that diskless workstations do not check
passwords locally, but on the LTSP server?  That seem like a long way
around to do something that can be done locally.  Perhaps we should
just switch from ldm to kdm/gdm/lightdm on diskless workstations?  But
then I guess sshfs no longer will be used for home directory mounting.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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