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Re: dictionaries-common problem

[Holger Levsen]
> Hi,
> (at least) the German and English installs now also suffer from the
> "dictionaries-common problem", where one is asked whether, in this
> case, Catalan, should become the default dictionary...

Do you have the install log with DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer set from such
problematic install?

> Jun 14 13:51:56 <schweer> h01ger: that dictionary stuff might be
> related to all those *spell packages installed -- despite of the
> actual language chosen in the installer. I'm wondering if we
> couldn't rely on d-i to pull in the right packages.
> I think this idea has some merrits, but I wonder what to change:

Looking at "apt-cache rdepends dictionaries-common", I suspect it wont

But perhaps a solution is to always install some wordlist package and
preseed to select it?  "apt-cache search wordlist" show the packages
provoding a wordlist.

When that is said, I believe we can drop all ispell dictionaries now,
and only provide myspell dictionaries, because I believe the packages
we care (Iceweasel, Libreoffice, KDE, etc)q about is able to handle
myspell.  The only package I know depending on ispell is emacs. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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