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dictionaries-common problem


(at least) the German and English installs now also suffer from the "dictionaries-common problem", where one is asked whether, in this case, Catalan, should become the default dictionary...

Jun 14 13:51:56 <schweer>       h01ger: that dictionary stuff might be related to all those *spell packages installed -- despite of the actual language chosen in the installer. I'm wondering if we couldn't rely on d-i to pull in the right 

I think this idea has some merrits, but I wonder what to change:

~/Projects/debian-edu/src/wheezy/debian-edu/tasks$ grep spell *
common:Ignore:      dc, doc-debian, doc-linux-text, iamerican, ibritish, ispell, \
common:             aspell-fo, biff, bison, bootp, choose-mirror, gpm, \
desktop-other:Suggests:    kig | keuklid | kgeo, kgraph, kmultiply, klearnspelling, kpercentage
desktop-other:Why:         matematikk (spisekart).  kgeo, kpercentage and klearspelling are
desktop-other:Recommends:  myspell-en-us, iamerican, \
desktop-other:             myspell-en-gb, ibritish, \
desktop-other:             myspell-de-de, ingerman, \
desktop-other:             myspell-fr, ifrench, \
desktop-other:             myspell-es, ispanish, \
desktop-other:             myspell-it, iitalian, \
desktop-other:             myspell-el-gr, \
desktop-other:             myspell-pt-br, ibrazilian, \
desktop-other:             myspell-ca, icatalan, \
desktop-other:             myspell-nl, idutch, \
desktop-other:             myspell-pt-pt, iportuguese, \
desktop-other:             myspell-fi, ifinnish-large
desktop-other:Suggests:    myspell-de-at, myspell-de-ch, myspell-fr-gut
desktop-other:NeedConfig:  yes - set default ispell dictionary
lang-da:Recommends:  myspell-da, \
lang-de:Recommends:  myspell-de-at, myspell-de-ch, myspell-de-de, \
lang-de:Why:         German spell checking tools
lang-es:Recommends: myspell-es, \
lang-fr:Recommends:  myspell-fr, \
lang-fr:Why:         French spell checking tools
lang-he-desktop:Recommends:  libfribidi0, culmus, aspell-he, hspell, myspell-he
lang-it:Recommends: myspell-it, \
lang-no:Recommends:  myspell-nb, aspell-no, \
lang-no:             myspell-nn, \
lang-no:Why:         Norwegian spell checking tools
lang-se:Recommends:  hunspell-se
lang-se:Why:         North Sami spell checking tools
language:Depends: kanagram, wordtrans-kde, wordtrans-data, i2e, trans-de-en, dict, gnome-utils,  aspell, wordnet, khangman, klettres, kverbos, parley, ktouch, klatin

I'd be happy to build a debian-edu package with "these *spell packages" removed from tasks and do a test install and see if that helps.


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