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Re: More new packages for Debian Edu

Hi Petter,

On Donnerstag, 25. April 2013, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I am not against installing chromium as such, but I fear the cognitive
> strain we continue to increase on the pupils and teachers. 

I do follow the cognitive strain argument, except for when its not valid ;-)

Users are usually very well aware of chrome and firefox, so having these 
choices is a relief for most of them, except when they expect chromium and 
icewease and get the other. (Or was it the other way round? :)

It's really common nowadays to *use* different webbrowsers.

> > having chromium (or foo or bar or baz) is a direct benefit.
> It will also be a direct disadvantage, if we just make it harder for
> people to figure out what programs to use.

I see this problem for a many other applications we ship, but not for every-
day used webbrowsers.
> I believe the advantage of dropping the multi-arch netinst CD is
> non-existing,
> But I believe dropping the multi-arch DVDs is a good idea as it will
> allow us to make them feature complete and equivalent to the netinst
> CD installs.

if this gives us one set of similarily behaving installation media, I think 
thats better. So the DVD images would be large netinst images?


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