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Re: Install scratch by default on Debian Edu Desktops in Wheezy?

El dom, 21-04-2013 a las 17:41 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard escribió:
> Quoting Petter Reinholdtsen (2013-04-21 10:51:24)
> > Here in Norway, the effort to teach kids to program is gaining 
> > tracktion, and one of the programs promoted is the scratch system for 
> > visual programming.  The scratch package is available in Debian 
> > Wheezy, but not installed by default in Debian Edu.  Should we install 
> > it as part of the desktop profile?
> Scratch is aimed at teenagers, I believe. 

Yes, but for "teenagers" older than 8 years old.

>  For younger kids you may want 
> to include EToys (your education-desktop-sugar currently suggests it, 
> but it works fine outside of Sugar as well).

I've been a long time an Etoys/Squeak advocate, but facts, time and
experience have demonstrated that it's not a good application for most
teachers/students. Only very constructivist teachers or those with a lot
of dedication and love to their work take benefit of its great and
powerful tools. For the rest, Scratch is far better, and it allows a
nice introduction in programming for young students.
I'd include Scratch without any doubt.

José L.

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