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Re: discuss upload candidate of slbackup and its potential transition to wheezy

Hi Julien, dear Release Team,

On Fr 27 Jul 2012 19:18:18 CEST Julien Cristau wrote:

On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 10:41:48 +0200, Mike Gabriel wrote:

  * Change in conffile management:
    + Drop CRON job /etc/cron.daily/slbackup. Re-enable configuration
      of slbackup via debconf templates (closes: #662914).
    + Remove conffile /etc/cron.daily/slbackup via dpkg−maintscript−helper.

I'm very much not comfortable with the above changes.

And... it is the main reason for the upload request as it fixes a problem that has been present since at least lenny (unnoticed, rather unobviously).

You must know that slbackup and slbackup-php belong together as a unit but come in different source packages (and different upstream source projects, but both originate in early development of Debian Edu).

slbackup currently uses /etc/cron.daily/slbackup, slbackup-php, however, uses /etc/cron.d/slbackup. Either of them needs to be changed (to my and other Debian Edu developers' point of view). More organic it will be if we do the change in slbackup (as approached by my unblock/transition request).

So, is a ,,very-much-not-comfortable'' a No or is it rather a Yes (that hurts quite a bit when speaking it out loud)?



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