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Re: ultra thin client/manufacturer/cheaper price

> Dear Skolelinux,
> Glad to know that you are the field of thin client with very good
> requtation corporation in your country.
> This is Angie from Hui Yuan Co., Ltd, very professional in exporting
> ultra thin client products. With the strength of product copyright
> and certificates like CE, FCC etc, sincerely hope to find a way to
> cooperate with you.

I got this one directly to me, and while at first glance it looked
like spam, it seemed slightly LTSP relevant and in the end I decided
to bounce it to the list and reply here to ask if you believe we
should try to contact these for test equipment?  If someone in the
project is interested in trying to make sure these clients work with
Debian Edu and LTSP, we might have something to cooperate with them

I will not have time to look at it myself, so if you are interested
please state so on the list and get directly in touch with them.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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